Alex is everywhere and into everything. (age 2)  She has earned the nicknames, "cyclone" and "wrecking ball."  We recently added "Hurricane Alex." She does, however stop right in her tracks when she sees grandmom's magic finger sternly waving "no, no, no" as she makes her way to the china cabinet.
Caught with a bag of cereal - 2 years old
Looking For Bugs with Sam
Terrible Two?
Oh boy, a bug in the house!
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A walk around the high school track
then a quick break to play with my shadow!

26 months
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Alex is 99% potty trained during the day!  Yea!

"Roughing It"  Summer 2004
Sam & Aiden
Sam, Alex, Aiden, Adam
My Happy Little Campers!
Always so hard to get a group photo
Sam and Zach
Alex & Zach
Of course she is allowed to lick the cake beaters!
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29 months old
Summer 2004         age 2
Winter 2004/05
24 months old
Alex has been doing great in a wonderful pre-school this year!   She goes to the same pre-school as her big brother!

Alex can independently operate her favorite game on the computer, "Alphabet Express"  She is getting very good at navigating through the menu and different games.
2 3/4
Age 27 mo
Sam (5), Alex (3) and Zach (11/2)
Summer 2005
Merry Christmas!  Zachary almost 2, Alex 3 1/2 and Sam 5
Dec. 2005
Barbie and Alex
Age 2
Age 3
So far it has been a busy start of the school year!!  Zach is now 2 1/2 and finally started school 3 mornings a week.  Sam is doing great in first grade and is an blue belt in juniors Karate!  Alex, now 4 is going to her "regular" pre-k 3 mornings a week and her Intermediate Unit classroom 4 afternoons a week.  She loves both schools and is doing so well in both!  She is motivated and determined.  She loves to learn and has a great attitude.  Alex is very proud of herself because she can write her name.  Her "A" is perfect!  She can also write "mom."  She knows how to spell several words and can sight read about 30 words.  Speech is comming along slowly but surely!     September 06
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Alex was a beautiful flower girl in her cousin's wedding.  Sam was the handsome ring bearer.  Zach wanted no part of wearing a tie or posing for pictures...but boy could he dance!!
September, 2006
Age 4 1/2
Alex's first year of T-Ball!  We are so proud of her...and I think she is pretty proud of herself!
April 07  Alex just turned 5