6 months old...Hula Girl
An Elvis Sighting!
Alex has 4 grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles, and 10 cousins.  She just loves everybody but especially her 2 brothers, Sam and Zach.  She is very close with her big brother Sam who is 20 months older than Alex.  Zach is 20 months younger.  Sam has been an incredible motivator for Alex.  He has taught her so much...
I LOVE My Family
Sam (3 1/2)  Alex (2)
My Brother Zach 1 year old
1 year old
My Cousins
My doggie Brandy
First Halloween 2002
First Christmas 2002
Alex - 8 months    Sam - 2
First Easter 2003
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Adam and Santa 2004
My big teddybear cousin, David.  Go Pittsburgh Panthers!
Some Old Favorites
4 months old  The cutest dolly.
Aiden, Santa, Adam
November, 2003  Thanksgiving
1 1/2 years old
I love my big brother!
Grandpop's 70th birthday
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Sam - 2 1/2
Alex - 10 months
Daddy's Little Girl
OK, a picture of Mom!
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Christmas, 2004
Sam 4, Alex 2 1/2 , Zachary 1
More Cousins.....
Holiday Highlights